Freight Dog virtual Air Cargo

Like hauling freight?

Then your virtual pilot future can belong with Freight Dogs Virtual Air Cargo (FDvAC)!

Freight Dogs Virtual Air Cargo is VATSIM / IVAO performance based online free-flight virtual cargo airline that lets you fly any type cargo aircraft anywhere, anytime worldwide under the Freight Dogs pilot callsign. VATSIM CID or IVAO ID is required to join.


At FDvAC, you are your own boss!

No set schedules required. As a FDvAC pilot, you make your own schedule(s) and fly your own route(s) whenever you want. There are schedules flights available as well.

Pireps to fill out - FDvAC's automatically updates your FDvAC virtual pay for you.


FDvAC will transition largest hours of VATSIM or IVAO pilot time toward a FDvAC rank.

The more you fly, the closer you get to the next FDvAC rank promotion or flight award(s).

Even though FDvAC has its headquarter in the United States at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, FDvAC will accept pilots from all over the globe.

Opportunities available for pilots who want to help FDvAC expand throughout the world.


FDvAC starting Dec 13, 2008 and in a few years afterwards, FDvAC had 1,000 virtual pilots. Things went well until 2018 when FDvAC discontinued due to unreliable software. FDvAC has reopened now in September of 2021 using PHPVMS7.

Recruiting drive in progress!


For more information or to join Freight Dogs Virtual Air Cargo, visit:

Hope to see you in the air,


Tim Farrell, FDC1601


Freight Dogs Virtual Air Cargo