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   Freight Dog virtual Air Cargo (FDC)

1. Membership

  1. All FDC pilots shall have a valid IVAO ID or VATSIM CID or a valid e-mail address.
  2. FDC pilots must fly at least one flight every 60 days to remain active. Pilots can re-activate by making a flight.
  3. All Freight Dog members shall comply will all network(s) Code of Conduct and shall be respectful to other members and network atc/pilots.
  4. Complaints shall be filed with the appropriate party(s) using respectful methods such as feedback, e-mail, website or forum. Not over the network airway.
  5. FDC pilots must be at least 15 years of age. No experience is required to join.

2. Callsign

  1. FDC pilots shall use there assigned FDC#### callsign (Freight Dog ####). Do not use the FDC flight number as your callsign.
  2. Pilots flying for Freight Dog partner airlines such as Hoosier Express (Pax) will be assigned a callsign with a different prefix with same stipulation as a Freight Dog callsign.

3. Charter Routes

  1. FDC pilots may fly charter routes of their own choosing in just about any aircraft to keep with the Freight Dog "free to fly any aircraft, anywhere, anytime worldwide" motto. Simply put "Charter" as your flight number in the sim acar.
  2. Landing rates and pilots virtual salaries are calculated for "Charter" flights, but FDC virtual profits/losses are not.

4. Scheduled Routes

  1. FDC pilots may also fly any scheduled route in the FDC timetable bearing in mind that there must be an aircraft at the intended departure location.
  2. Landing rates, pilots virtual salaries and FDC virtual profits/losses are calculated for scheduled routes.
  3. Hub managers may create routes for any hub bearing in mind to use the closest departure hub as the schedules origin hub.

5. Aircraft (Scheduled Fleet)

  1. FDC aircraft fleet types are designated by the CEO.
  2. FDC aircraft fleet type shall be designated to a single aircraft fleet type (ex: Boeing 737 fleetype for FDC is a Boeing 737-800 Freighter).
  3. Hub managers may purchase any of these fleettype aircraft (one per fleettype) for their hub and assign tail numbers using hub countries tail number format.
  4. Aircraft name will be the hub name (ex: Memphis Int'l aircraft shall be named Memphis).

6. Flights

  1. FDC flights are now flight wear and damage sensitive. Planes will be down 24 hours for repair when wear and tear reaches 65%.
  2. Planes that crash will also be down 24 hours for extensive repair. Landing rates 850 feet/minute or more will designate a crash.
  3. FDC pilots are not required to stay within their hub assignment area. The hub is just a place to call home.

7. Acars

  1. FDC pilots shall use an acars to file flights to the FDC website. The FDC website recommends the free Sim Acars available for download from the FDC website. Sim Acars is compatible with FS2004, FSX, P3D and X-Plane.
  2. FDC pilots may also use FSAcars, FSKeepers or others but they do so at their own risk, support and setup.

8. Teamspeak

  1. Teamspeak3 (shared with AAL pilots) is available to FDC pilots for flying and conversing with other FDC pilots.
  2. It is not to be used for other gaming situations.
  3. FDC pilots shall not go to AAL (American Airlines) rooms without permission from management or AAL.
  4. Teamspeak address, password and authorization are required to join teamspeak. E-mail for Teamspeak address and password. Authorization will occur when management is on teamspeak when you are.
  5. Teamspeak pilot client (free) can be downloaded from Teamspeak3.

9. Management

  1. President/CEO - Oversees overall operations of FDC.
  2. Vice Presidents - Oversees assigned areas and operations there of.
  3. Hub Managers - Oversees pilot retention, aircraft, pireps for their hub and other assigned areas and operations there of.

10. Social Media

  1. Feel free to add comments or pictures to our social media sites such as FDC facebook, twitter and etc.
  2. Social media uploads shall be kept clean and should mainly be geared toward FDC activities/members but not restricted to.
  3. Comments/pictures shall follow social media(s) code of conduct.

11. Penalties/Disiplinary Action

  1. FDC pilots may experience penalties on their flight salaries for a flight exceeding Acars parameters such as hard landings, overspeeding, stalls, failure to turn on beacon light, etc.
  2. Pilots will not be charged for taxi/landing light rules due to some aircraft configuration (PMDG is one of these) that doesn't send this info to the pirep.
  3. FDC Pilots violating VATSIM CoC, IVAO CoC, FDC Membership, FDC Teamspeak or FDC Social Media rules shall be terminated from the FDC roster.
  4. There are no penalties for jump seat. Feel free to change your location at will.
  5. New pilots without VATSIM CID / IVAO ID must fly within 14 days of recieving membership approval. VATSIM / IVAO new pilots must fly within 30 days of membership approval. Failure to do so shall result in termination from Freight Dogs.



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